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How Tara found her way to save

Tara was a “willy nilly” spender. “I felt bad every time I went to the salon and got my hair done. It felt and looked better, but I always wondered if there would be enough money left for the necessities.”

When Tara learned about budgeting, it was helpful to learn that she didn’t need to feel guilty about getting her hair done if she made it part of her budget. Tara created a budget where she included all her necessities like rent and food, and she was able to budget extra money for things that make her happy. Now she can relax and enjoy getting her hair done.

Tara heard about the Savings Circles program from a friend. She knew that she needed some structure in her life and wanted to do something to better herself. Tara attended a Steps2Savings information session and applied to the Savings Circles program. During the 6-month program, Tara learned about how the banking system works, consumerism in our society, the assets she has, how credit works, and how to watch out for fraud. The “big one” for Tara was learning about budgeting.

Tara’s money management skills grew a lot during the Savings Circles program. Now she tells everyone about Momentum and about how they can learn to manage their money. She tells them “Just do it! You can do it!” Before Savings Circles Tara was positive there was no way she could save money every month, she was broke and was sure she couldn’t do it. “It doesn’t matter how insurmountable it sounds, it can be done. You can save something!”

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to know where your money goes every month?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend money on something fun that makes you feel good without wondering if you can pay your bills?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to save money every month?

Savings Circles, a matched savings program for people living on a low income, can help you find the answers! Momentum matches the money you save while you learn how to manage your money. You may spend your savings and matched savings on: tools for work, training or education for a new job, education for your children, starting or expanding your own business, down payment for a home and more.

We also offer matches savings programs for youth!

Contact us for more information at 403-204-2692 or savingscircles@momentum.org.