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Home-Based Business Community Launches

Running a home-based business can be a lonely venturethis is true even without a pandemic limiting the amount of people we can interact withMost entrepreneurs are experts in their field, but running a business brings about new and unexpected challenges and there’s not always a place to turn to for advice. 

This is why Momentum is launching the Home-Based Business Community, a program aiming to give home-based businesses a platform to support each other, share information, and take formal sessions to learn about promoting their businesses. 

“We wanted to make a program that was coming to the entrepreneurs and their communities, rather than have them come to us,” says Lora Pesant, Momentum’s liaison for the program. “Because of COVID-19, people are staying close to home and may have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced. At the same time, Calgarians want to support local businesses. So, we wanted to develop networks of neighbours supporting each other in their own communities. 

For the program, Momentum is partnering with community associations and the business owners are grouped into their nearest partnered community association. These cohorts meet online every Monday from 7-8:15PM for nine weeks, and alternate between peer-support sessions, and marketing workshops. 

“When entrepreneurs come together, we want them to be as engaged as possible,” says Lora. Everybody can contribute, but that will be different from week to week. Maybe one week, they’ll be doing a lot of listening, and maybe another week they’ll have a lot of advice to give. 

Because of the expected diversity of businesses involved and the fact that both new and long-standing businesses can be a part of the communities, that advice may be relevant for people at any stage of their self-employment journey. The same can be said about the marketing workshops, which include topics like website SEO optimizationsocial media strategy, and paid advertising giving value for home-based businesses at any stage. 

A primary goal of the program is to have the community association partners list these businesses on their websites as a business directory for customers in the community to easily find a local business. On top of this, business owners will have the opportunity to connect with the community in a self-directed manner, should they need further support from their fellow entrepreneurs. 

If you operate a home-based business and want to make connections in your community, you can learn more about the program or sign up here!

This program starts on January 25, 2021. 

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