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God-given Boom-Bust Cycle?

Recently an opinion piece by Ted Morton appeared in the Calgary Herald. His assessment: the budget brought forth by the provincial NDP is a step backward in predictable life-cycle of the Alberta economy.
Jeff Loomis, Patricia Jones and Franco Savoia—heads of three Calgary not-for-profit agencies—offer a different point of view. Namely, that the oil-driven boom-bust cycle is not a god-given reality in our province. The budget set forth by the current Alberta government will leverage lessons learned from the past by investing in the human capital of our province. By investing in social services instead of cutting back, Alberta can forge a new path to success.

“God Please Give Us Another Boom I Promise…”

An often remembered Alberta bumper sticker says what unfortunately many of us still believe: The boom-bust cycle going along with the price of oil is god-given and can’t be broken by anything our government does. But is it really?

Mr. Morton has provided his assessment of the recent Alberta budget. We, on the other hand have a different perspective that recognizes the need to forge a new direction.

Read the response in full on the Calgary Herald website.
Jeff Loomis is executive director of Momentum, Patricia Jones is CEO of Catholic Family Service and Franco Savioa is executive director of Vibrant Communities Calgary.

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