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Gaining the confidence to be entrepreneurs

Monika worked hard for 8 years to study to become a licenced Minister. She wanted to pursue a career in that industry, but she couldn’t find the time between her shifts as a bus driver in Calgary.

“I thought I could do both,” she says. “I thought I could perform marriage and celebration of life ceremonies in between the other job. But it was hard.”

She really wanted to be her own boss and the freedom to look after herself. But she didn’t know how to make the switch.

Monika’s partner Sharon has run a business as a professional children’s entertainer and a laughter yoga facilitator for over 12 years. She was struck with an idea to sell eye makeup stencils, something she uses for face and body painting. She developed the stencils and wanted to learn how to promote her product.

The couple took the leap and entered Business Basics 15 and then moved to the Self Employment program at Momentum, enticed by the idea of a step-by-step program and additional business coaching to bring their ideas to life.

“Life changed as soon as we got in,” says Monika. “We put everything on hold, we put our life on hold. There was no other way, we had to put the work in.”

“This is a gift. The fact that we could go through this together. What a gift that is. I help her and she helps me,” Sharon states.

The two worked hard to develop their own business plans, complete with projected earnings and a competitive scan of the market. Leaving the program with their map of how to launch a business, they now have the confidence to call themselves entrepreneurs. They also gained a community of supporters through their classmates and their business coaches.

“I’m growing my business and selling my product,” says Sharon, “I’ve finally got tools. We’re lucky because we can support each other.”

Sharon and Monika are the first couple to go through a Momentum program together. We wish them every success in running their businesses.


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