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Four Months

I am new to Momentum. A week ago Thursday marked my fourth month here. From my first day, it’s been a whirlwind of learning and growing and experiencing.
In my research of Momentum prior to joining the team I learned a lot.  I read about housing programs and I read about how Momentum is recognized for social innovation in Calgary. I read about the Savings Circles program, which I now facilitate, and I read about Momentum’s dedication to community which shows through in its Vision and Mission statements. In spite of how much I read about Momentum, it wasn’t until I began working that I really saw the relationship between Momentum and participant and the good that grows from it.
My third day of work I facilitated my first Savings Circles class. It was the first class for our 46th cohort of participants. We are now five months into our six month program and the participants are looking forward to the graduation they have worked hard for. It has been exciting to see relationships develop, self-confidence flourish, and goals become reality. What has been made real to me though is how important our participants are to Momentum.
Momentum would not be what it is without its participants. Our programs exist to support people in achieving goals; financial, skill building, business, and more. Our participants help mold and shape these programs so they improve and in turn help more people. Momentum is shaped by our participants. Many of our program participants become members and volunteer with Momentum to help further the support we are able to give. Our ability to “inspire the local economy with opportunities for all” is a testament to the amazing people who participate in our programs. We have participants purchasing assets locally, creating more stability in their lives. We have participants learning trades and contributing to the local economy through their skills. We have participants starting businesses in our communities and participating in the local economy.
Over the past four months it has been exciting to see how this whole dance works. “Momentum partners with people living on a low income to create prosperity”. It really is a partnership. We all do our part to contribute to our community to make it stronger and more resilient. Momentum could not do this work without our participants and the hard work they put into the programs they are part of. Our ability to contribute as an organization is directly related to the participants who have helped mold our programs and donated their time and energy to helping Momentum grow.
It has been an exciting four months. I look forward to what I am going to learn going forward. Seeing the new directions Momentum will take, meeting the new participants who will partner with us, watching the prosperity in our communities grow. I am excited to be here!