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Following your dream – one cup at a time

It took Chris a while to learn that his love of coffee could be his livelihood. But he turned his passion into profit and founded his company, Devil’s Head Coffee around the core values of community, quality, education, and inspiration.

“We use coffee as a vehicle to help people follow their dreams,” says Chris.

The company lives its values. Devil’s Head Coffee is in a warehouse outside of the downtown core. The company is focusing on providing a high-quality product at an affordable price, and keeping their overhead costs low contributes to this.

“We don’t really care about being super showy. Where we speak is through our products and our price. And I think our space expresses that,” says Chris.

Chris’s foray into coffee started when he injured himself and wanted a hobby that he could pursue more seriously later in life, if his injury became more serious. It turned out that coffee is a passion for Chris and at first, he didn’t realize how interesting it was.

“I just found a love of coffee and where it comes from and the story and ethics. It’s a big world and it really opened my eyes once I peeled back the layers,” Chris says.

After recovering from his injury, Chris started his business in 2017, turning his newfound passion into a viable business. He didn’t have a lot of capital to start, so he started out by subleasing a small space for his business from a local business YYC Growers.

“It was a perfect space for the business” says Chris. “It allowed the business to start walking and not running, and allowed me to form the business around the values that I really believe in.”

Chris was then connected to Momentum.

“I heard about the ethics pathway that Momentum follows. It’s just an interesting lens to look through on how to run a business,” Chris says.

Chris enrolled in a free 10-week program at Momentum that covered everything from cash flow to Instagram. It was an all-encompassing program that inspired Chris as he connected to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs in the Calgary area. It also helped him to design his business around his core values.

“It was really inspiring to see how [other classmates] looked at problems, how they go through different things that was perceived as insurmountable. It was a really inspirational course,” says Chris.

The most exciting thing that Chris learned in the program was that there isn’t one correct way to do something as an entrepreneur. As long as the way you’re choosing to manage your business works for you and you understand what you’re trying to achieve.

The Momentum business program really got Chris connected to his ‘why.’ He was roasting coffee for a while before he settled on the core values of his business. As a result of the business program, the company really understands what drives their business.

“Those 4 attributes really define what we do. If it doesn’t land in one of those 4 areas, we don’t even touch it. It really helps us to make decision to stay consistent,” Chris states.

Are you ready to start your business? Momentum can take you on the right path!

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