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Five Tips for Grocery Store Savings

Five Tips for Grocery Store Savings
When we talk about budgeting and saving money, food and groceries can be one of the most challenging areas. We have to eat so that category can’t be crossed out; we want to be healthy so it’s important to make good choices; and then, maybe the most important, we still want to enjoy what we are eating!
There are lots of ideas out there. Some of my favourites include:

  1. Make a list: Shopping lists save time and money – especially if the list matches the store layout!
  2. Plan ahead: Check and see what you already have on hand then look at flyers for sales before you leave home.
  3. Digital coupons and cashback phone apps: More stores post flyers and coupons on their websites now; do you have a smart phone with you when you shop? If you haven’t checked out the apps that are out there take a look at: The Best Ever Money Saving Apps for Canadians
  4. Check if your local store reduces bakery goods and cooked, ready to eat entrees at night or first thing in the morning.
  5. Buy raw ingredients: Instead of buying pre-prepared and packaged foods buy meat, vegetables, rice, oatmeal and pasta and add your own fruit, vegetables, sauces or dressings. It may be a good idea to plan your meal and look at that recipe you want to make before you head out to the store.

Balancing the needs and wants of our food budget takes creativity; what do you do to eat well for less?

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