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Five Reasons to Save Today

5. For Yourself & Your Family
Something like sickness can cause a lot of money stress in our lives. Perhaps it is not us that is sick but a family member or loved one who is and we need to take time off to care for him or her. Sickness and illness aside, it could be that we lose our job and we need to look for a different job. We need to have savings as a buffer to help sustain us until we find a job. It is expensive look for work. Invest in yourself today by saving for the unpredictable.
4. Emergencies & Household Expenses
Emergencies sneak up on all of us. Being proactive and planning for emergencies to happen will ease our stress and perhaps our debt as well. A participant called me four months after taking our Budgeting workshop and told that it makes sense to save but she and her partner never did. With her permission I am sharing her story with you. She and her partner spent whatever money they had in their chequing account because that was their habit and they were not taught to save. She was glad to have saved because her cat was sick and the bill astronomical. She said it felt amazing to pay for the veterinarian bill of $900 from her savings. Had she not saved this surprise bill would have put her family further into debt and the interest rates on her credit card would have made life very stressful.
3. Plan your life
Once you managed your money, you have managed your life. You know if you can afford the latest 84” flat screen tv or go on that hot and humid Caribbean cruise without putting yourself further into debt. Planning where your money goes gives you are sense of control over your day-to-day life and your future.
2. Be Debt Free & Financially Independent
It is within your reach to be debt free and financially independent. I do not mean living off the grid. Use a technique like Power Pay to actively put more towards paying down our student loans, credit card(s), mortgage, line of credit, overdraft protection.
1. Achieve Your Life goals
We all have bucket lists, goals we want to accomplish in our life time. Whether that is travelling to Egypt to see the pyramids or building a long lasting legacy, or somewhere in-between, all these goals have price tags attached. Saving today will put us one step closer to achieve our dreams that are truly meaningful in our life.
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