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Finding the right fit

In 2017, Reza lost his job working at Mr. Lube and was having trouble finding employment. With his Employment Insurance benefits about to run out and little success on the job search front, Reza shared that “it was a pretty dark, scary place. It wasn’t great.”

Reza found out about Momentum through a friend who was a plumber and thought that Reza would be a good candidate for the Plumbing and Pipefitting program. In Reza’s career research and tests, he found that everything pointed to a career in the trades. “In general, the trades came up for me a lot and when I looked into it more specifically, the plumber trade came up, which happened to be one of Momentum’s programs,” he says. When he found out about the Plumbing and Pipefitting program it seemed that things were starting to line up for him.

Reza started to feel like he could get his life back on track once he was registered for the program. “It was a feeling of appreciation. It gave me some hope for the future,” he states. He found that his program classmates were from all walks of life, but they were united as a group. “We’re all trying to do the same thing: Get back on our feet,” he says. “That was an experience that I really enjoyed sharing that with my classmates,” he adds.

Reza is now working in the field at a company called Elec-tech Contracting Ltd. as a plumber and is also taking his technical training at SAIT, working towards his Journeyman Plumber certificate. “I’m glad I was able to complete the program and be able to get this job,” he says, “so far, so good!”

“Now that I’m starting to finish my first year, I have some experience under my belt,” he states. Reza is moving towards where he wants to be, step by step, bit by bit. He is working in the field and is on his path to become a journeyman and he wants to encourage people to reach out when they need help. “Once you get that connection, it gets easier,” he says.

“The future is starting to look bright.”

Are you looking to building a career in the trades? Are you having trouble getting the skills and experience needed to start? Learn more about our Plumbing and Pipefitting program.