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Finding a new future with Compass

Sometimes life is interrupted.

We find ourselves suddenly off course from our original path, plans or dreams, going down paths that we didn’t expect to, unsure of how to get back on track. Whether it is because of an illness, trauma, or any other unexpected life situation, we find ourselves desperately seeking a way to move forward.

Lexi is finding her footing.

Facing a condition that took eight years to properly diagnose, Lexi struggled to keep on top of her studies in school. Regular trips to doctors, specialists, and hospital visits took their toll during this time, pushing her dreams for a university education further out of reach. Seeking solutions to enable her to continue learning despite her unique health barriers and scheduling challenges, Lexi discovered Momentum’s newest and most exciting program, Compass.

Compass is designed to offer participants between the ages of 18 and 35 a more self-directed approach to learning. The program is focused on those who may not have considered post-secondary education for a variety of reasons. For some, these reasons are related to challenges with a traditional learning environment, learning disabilities, having to drop out of high-school or college/university, a lack of financial resources, and/or a lack of family support.

The Compass Program runs for 25 weeks starting in September (September 3, 2019 to March 13, 2020) and offers a combination of academic upgrading and industry-recognized technology training. Upon completion of the program, you will not only have a better picture of the direction your life can take, but a CompTIA A+ technology certificate that will also enable you to get there sooner.

The learning of tomorrow.

“The program provides support but also builds in accountability,” explains Iris Assouline, Skills Program Coordinator. “We are focused on the learning of tomorrow and on creating competence and skills through more project-based learning approaches.”

In anticipation of starting the program, Lexi feels that she has now found a way to evolve her ongoing health challenges into an inspiring career helping others.

“I love learning about new medical conditions,” Lexi explains. “When I was really sick it took years to find a diagnosis – and if I were able to make that process easier for someone else, that would be amazing.”

She says that compared to standard post-secondary studies, “the Compass program will be a better fit for me because it is more accommodating for disabilities like mine – I feel like if I went straight to university to do these classes I wouldn’t do very well because I would have to take so many days off because I’m so sick sometimes,” Lexi explains. “the Compass program will accommodate [my schedule] so then I won’t fall behind every time I get sick. I can just go at my own pace.”

If, like Lexi, you’d like to find a new direction towards a brighter future through the Compass Program, check out the Compass webpage, email us, or call 403-204-6176 to apply today!