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Celebrate Family Day: get $2,000 FREE for your kids’ education

Free money? That’s got to be a scam! Actually, it isn’t. If you have children born after December 31st, 2003 and you and are living on a modest income, your children may qualify for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB). If this is your situation, you can expect to receive up to $2,000 over a child’s lifetime in federal education money, with no contribution of your own required.
In order to get the Canada Learning Bond for your kids, you will need to get them a Social Insurance Number and open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). The best place to do this is through your bank or credit union as they have flexible, no-fee plans.
Is your bank not open on Family Day? No problem! You can get the CLB by opening an RESP at your bank anytime. Even more, the CLB is retroactive, meaning that your child will get money for years that they qualified in the past.
Is going to the bank not in your Family Day plans? No problem there either! You can start the process online at www.startmyRESP.ca. It takes 10 minutes and then the bank will contact you to finish setting up your RESP in person.
Family Day is observed to celebrate “the importance of families and family life to people and their communities.” What better way to celebrate Family Day than to plant the seed of hope in a child’s future?

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