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Exploring entrepreneurial ideas, together

For Alberta, entrepreneurs are essential for the economy. With new economic pressures and increased rates of unemployment due to the pandemic, more people are wondering if 2021 is the year to explore their business ideas.

Making the decision to start a business is not easy. Whether you’re an individual, a group, or even a nonprofit organization who has never been entrepreneurial before, starting can be nerve-wracking and even risky. Often people struggle to define their idea and are not sure what problem they want to solve with their business.

To meet this need in community, Momentum is piloting the first cohort of Entrepreneurship 101 in 2021. In this free, 8-week program that meets every Tuesday afternoon, participants will explore their aspirations in a virtual setting, and learn what makes a great business idea.

“Our new Entrepreneurship 101 program is a low-risk way to find out if entrepreneurship is right for you,” says Erin Melnychuk, program manager at Momentum. “There are no passes or fails in this program and this will be an incredible opportunity for people to test their ideas.”

Knowing that some participants may be exploring their ideas for the very first time, Melnychuk adds that if a participant realizes by the end of this program that entrepreneurship isn’t for them, that would also be considered a success. The program helps the participants ensure their ideas are not only viable, but that they have the passion and grit to commit to the entrepreneurial journey, helping reduce the risk of failures and burnout later on.

Groups of people who have enterprising ideas are also encouraged to sign up. Non-profit organizations or groups can join to explore solutions to challenges in their communities.

“Some of the best business ideas come from people who have gathered together to fix a problem they all face collectively. Having a place to sharpen those emerging ideas is critical because having an innovative business service or product that solves big problems will sell itself,” says Melnychuk.

If Entrepreneurship 101 sounds like a fit for you or your group, find out more here.