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Every Little Action Counts

Today we have a blog post from guest blogger Moin Tinwala. Moin reflects on how he has been able to give back to his community through his experience of Momentum’s Youth Fair Gains program and his role as a Participant Ambassador:
I remember when I was standing in front of TFDL Library at the University of Calgary when I received a call from Momentum. I was a bit curious because I had no idea what this call could be about.
I remembered that I had just finished the Youth Fair Gains program last year at Momentum. It was an amazing program that taught me many valuable skills in money management and financial literacy which I use almost every day. I thought maybe the call had something to do with the program. I picked up and starting talking to a very friendly and terrific person on the phone named Charlene.
Little did I know that the call was an opportunity to become part of a mission. A mission to create positive change in the community by making a difference in people’s lives. A mission to give hope, opportunity and prosperity to the ones who deserve it. It was an opportunity to become part of Momentum’s mission. I was offered a chance to be a Participant Ambassador.
After everything Momentum had given me, I thought this was the least I could do. I was immediately interested and very excited in this opportunity to contribute back. Even with the stress and workload of studying at university and the time consumptions of other commitments, I gave forth my all the entire year. The year passed very quickly and at the end I was wondering if I should have done more for Momentum. I knew I tried my best the entire time but there was still a bit of regret in my mind.
One day, I was pondering on this topic when I passed the high school I attended. Near the intersection in front of the school, I met a group of three to four high school kids who stopped me because they wanted to talk. They said they recognized me back from when I was in high school and that they read the story of my journey with Momentum that is posted on Momentum’s blog.
They told me that the story had inspired them and as a result, they had applied for the Youth Fair Gains program. They also said that they learned more about Momentum through the website and blog. Furthermore, they even told their family and friends about Momentum and many of them are looking into the different opportunities available to them.
After I finished my discussion with them, I had an incredible feeling of satisfaction inside of me. I was so busy thinking of bigger and bigger ways to help and contribute, that I didn’t even realize that the littlest things can have great impacts.
This was a lesson for me that I want to pass onto others. You don’t always have to think of big and magnificent ways to contribute to good causes (though I’m not saying you shouldn’t). Whatever time you have and whatever effort you can put in, go for it! Try your best and do as much as you can, because every little action counts!