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Is Empathy the New Innovation?

I just finished reading a post on the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO) blog about the recent cancellation of the Social Innovation Endowment Fund by the Government of Alberta. My first reaction to this cancellation, like that of many other workers in the nonprofit sector, was one of disappointment—how could our provincial government cut yet another source of funding for nonprofit organizations?
But, Geoff Braun, Director of Policy and Research at CCVO, had a very different reaction.
Instead of questioning the loss of this fund, he questions whether this particular focus of funding made sense in the first place. He questions “our collective obsession with all things innovative” as an answer to the myriad of complex issues faced in Calgary and Alberta today. And, he posits that what we need isn’t more innovation in our policy-making but more empathy.
Braun says all this much more eloquently than I could though, so I suggest you check out the post on the CCVO blog for yourself.
Did you know? In addition to being the Director of Policy and Research at CCVO, Geoff Braun is a volunteer on Momentum’s Public Policy Committee.