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Embarking on a brand new adventure

After immigrating to Canada, Lexi decided to embark on a brand-new adventure, beginning her career in carpentry. 

In 2019, Lexi and her wife decided to leave China. They felt like Canada was a good place to make their start as it’s affordable and offers many opportunities. 

“We took the chance to come to Canada to have a new life together,” Lexi says. 

Lexi’s wife has a Master’s degree and Lexi’s professional background is in finance and office admin, but she was looking to make a change. She didn’t find finance fulfilling and had an affinity for the trades. 

When they arrived in Calgary, Lexi saw a poster for Momentum’s Trades Training program in Carpentry, while at the Centre for Newcomers. She enrolled in the program even though she had doubts about her application. 

“I have a small stature and I was concerned because I didn’t do [carpentry] before,” Lexi says. “I decided to make this change, that’s what makes life interesting! It’s a new adventure for me. 

Though Lexi was nervous her first day at Momentum, she was worried about her English skills, but her fears were allayed on her first day of class when she found a supportive and caring community. 

“I am good at math, so we traded! They helped me with my English, and I helped them with math problems,” Lexi says. 

Upon completion of Momentum’s program, Lexi was offered full time employment by Zero Squared Tiny Homes, the same company that hosted her work placement. Even though her placement with the company was cut short after 3 weeks, they were sufficiently impressed with her work to offer her a full-time job. 

Lexi is currently working towards completing her first year of a carpentry apprenticeship. 

Some of my current SAIT training, I actually already learned at Momentum! Momentum gave me a head start,” Lexi says. 

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