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Determination drives dreams forward

Jagvinder (Jag) Singh


Jagvinder (Jag) Singh loves cars. With focus, optimism, and determination, he’s driving a straight trajectory towards his dreams.

Jag originally started his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in India to learn all that he could about cars, their inner workings, and the global automotive industry. These studies were interrupted when his family moved to Canada in 2015 in search of a better life for him, his mother and younger brother.

Suddenly Jag found himself leaving all that he knew, navigating the Canadian immigration and legal systems, the education and schooling standards, the job market – all in a completely foreign language in his new home in Calgary. “I had big dreams before I came here – and then when I came here it was totally different than I expected.”

Not knowing where to begin, he received valuable insight from his father. “Find the best thing that you love to do and do it,” Jag was told. “I found that I loved cars – so I started working on cars.”

His father also suggested that Jag check out the programs available at Momentum. Even though he was originally working at a fast food restaurant, Jag was looking for an opportunity to continue in the mechanical field and start his apprenticeship. “Momentum made it easier for me. They guided me through every step, even through my studies,” he recalls.

Jag finished Momentum’s Automotive and Heavy-Duty Mechanic Program in 2017. He later returned to the organization for support in finding work in the industry. Here he discovered the hidden job market and was informed of other more effective approaches to job hunt than just simply searching the online job boards. A learning plan was set up with Jag to determine the best and easiest path to get him cruising in the right direction towards his dreams.

Now working in the Alberta auto industry, Jag sees the road to success leading towards doing his apprenticeship, then going for his Red Seal designation. Further, his dreams include working for larger companies that deal in luxury European models like BMW or Mercedes Benz.

“You have to see the big picture when you’re working towards whatever you want to be and always dream big,” the inspirational young man says. “If you have set in mind that you’re going to work towards that goal you can achieve anything.”

Momentum wishes Jag all the best on his journey towards a fulfilling and meaningful career!

Check out more of Jag’s story in the video below.