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Cutting Costs on Cleaning Products

The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate your budget (or spending plan) to see if there might be areas where you can cut back. When thinking of cutting back, people often overlook their household expenses. This may include cleaning supplies, paper towel, and stationary. Last year, I reviewed this area in my own budget and decided to focus on how I could reduce the amount I spent on cleaning products. This New Year’s goal lead me to searching the internet on how to make my own.  Here are 4 reasons to make you own cleaning products:
1.    Saves you money
Rather than buying several different cleaners which may range from $5 to $12 each, making your own cleaners is way cheaper. I started making my own cleaners last year and the amount I spend in “household expenditures” in my budget has drop significantly. I used to spend about $60 every 3 months on household cleaners now I spend about $20! That is a reduction of 66%. “What did I do with the money I saved?” you ask, well I put it into my Tax Free Savings Account. Over the last year, I have saved $120.
2.    Makes cleaning way easier
Instead of having to buy several different cleaners, you can use a few key ingredients for cleaning your whole home! For example to clean your bathroom sinks and tub you can use baking soda, borax, and vinegar. I used to carry around a whole slew of cleaners in my cleaning caddy, but now I only use five things: vinegar, baking soda, water, borax, and castile soap. Plus, I save more money by buying these items in bulk and then splitting them with my friends, teaching and promoting good cleaning habits.
3.    Better for your family’s health
Often times, traditional store bought cleaners caused me to cough, wheeze and caused my eyes to burn. I also had difficulty breathing and would get headaches after using them. Many traditional cleaners have chemicals in them that can be harmful for your health. Since switching to these five simple ingredients I have had none of these side effects, and my husband who suffers from asthma hasn’t had difficulty breathing while cleaning. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about kids getting to these cleaning products, since don’t contain any harmful chemicals.
4.    Save the planet
Most natural homemade green cleaners are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable therefore not harmful to the environment. Conversely, conventional cleaning products are often non-biodegradable and can be hazardous to the earth’s ecosystem.
Switching to homemade, non-toxic cleaners for my home not only saved my pocketbook, it has saved me time, my health, and the environment.