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4 Ways to Curb Your Impulse Spending

If you have ever come to our Budgeting or Consumerism classes, you know that impulse buying is seeing something and wanting it so much you decide to buy it right then and there, even though you had no plan to buy it.  It is making a purchase without thinking about it. Because advertisers and stores know how to attract us to impulse purchases, it’s important to have some strategies to curb your impulse buying.
1. Visit (instead of buying) your favorites
I recently wanted to buy a hedgehog from the pet store, and even went so far as naming him Watson. Instead of purchasing him, I decided to go and visit Watson once every three months.
2. Have a plan
Before I go to the store I visualize myself going to the store and buying the items on my list. I also set soft boundaries (semi-flexible) and hard boundaries (firm no’s) for myself when shopping. For example, when I go to the grocery store I will set a timer on my phone and spend 30 minutes in that store. I will not visit the soft drinks and chips item (an example of a firm boundary).  I will buy fruits and vegetables not on my shopping list if it is on sale and I see myself and family eating this (semi-flexible boundary).
3. Mind- Body Connection
We all impulse shop. Whether that was on the newest technology or a new yogurt or something in-between we all have done it. In fact I almost impulse shopped yesterday because I was sleep deprived the night before and in my favorite shop.  Be in tune with your energy levels. How are you feeling right now? Stressed, anxious, tired, happy, excited, bored? Is there something else you can do to make yourself feel better? I ended up leaving the store and visiting my friend. As my meditation teacher said, do a body scan and check in with yourself.
4. Create a personal life statement
I recently gotten into the hottest buzz and trend of bullet journaling. Bullet journaling is where you quickly and briefly jot your daily notes from thoughts to tasks. In my bullet journal I have written down a personal life statement in life so I live and breathe this motto and this influences my everyday decisions, including my spending habits.  Spend time in your creation lab crafting and revisiting this statement. When I’m about to impulse shop I look at my bullet journal and my life statement to curve my unnecessary spending. Make this work for you – you can write down your personal life statement on a cue card and keep it in your wallet, behind your credit card.

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