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Celebrate Small Business Week with Be Local

Do you put your money where your values are? If you’re looking to support local, let Be Local YYC be your go to guide. Be Local businesses are locally-owned and community-focused. Community-focused means the business has integrated social and environmental impacts and prioritizes relationships with other local businesses and communities.   

Sophia Tang, founder of CoRise Superfoods, is one of over 350 Calgary business owners in the Be Local network.  After immigrating from Hong Kong at a young age with her family, wasting food was not an option for Sophia. “My parents worked very hard to support us, but we struggled”, Sophia says, “They would bring home sandwiches from the convenient store that had reached their best before date.  I grew up eating almost-expired food, so I had an appreciation for never wanting to waste anything.”  

The experiences of her childhood were some of the many catalysts that set Sophia on her business journey. She started CoRise to rescue & upcycle grains from local breweries and distilleries and transform them into prebiotic coRise Supergrain. This Supergrain is used to create CoRise brainfood— products ranging from dog treats, to pancake mix, to crackers, to cereal. For every pound of grain up-cycled, CoRise saves 1,000 litres of water. Sophia also uses her company as a vehicle for supporting local mental health and pet companionship programs.  

Sophia is one of many business owners in our community making a difference and Be Local is the unified voice that amplifies their impact. For example, collectively in 2020, our members donated over 1.5 million dollars to local charity, diverted over 7.5 million kg of waste, and spent over 8.5 million on locally procured input goods and services.    

Making a difference through business isn’t fringe activity anymore. Vote with your wallet for the world you want.

You can find Be Local businesses by visiting www.belocal.org, and shop their products by visiting shop.belocal.org.