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Carefully Crafted Bean to Bar

Amy taught herself how to make chocolate in 2008 and quickly made a career out of it by working her way up to manage the production of a company. But the desire to make something of her own grew and in 2018 she struck out on her own with her company Goldie Chocolate. It was slow moving at first, and fully self-funded.

“It was quite a humble offering,” Amy says.

It’s a humble offering, but care is taken to create an ethically sourced bean to bar chocolate, produced in micro batches.

Amy had all the knowledge on how to make her product for her company but didn’t have the knowledge about the business side. Amy needed support with market evaluation, having her financials in order, and setting up her bookkeeping.

In January 2020, Amy decided to take the plunge and take her business a little more seriously. Momentum was recommended to her she enrolled in a business training program at Momentum.

“I knew that I needed advice, but I wasn’t getting it, stuck in my entrepreneurial world. I knew that I had to take a lot of action to get my company to move forward. But I didn’t have a plan and I didn’t know where to begin.”

Amy was able to come up with an action plan and some tangible steps by working with business coaching at Momentum.

One of the things that she was advised to do was set some goals for her business. A couple of years ago she had come across the Best Things to Eat in Calgary in Avenue Magazine and created a goal of being in the magazine. She cut out a picture of the magazine cover and taped it to her wall. The next day, food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal stopped by at Amy’s job and took an interest in her chocolate.

Goldie Chocolate is now a finalist for the Made In Alberta Awards, hosted by Avenue Magazine and Amy is thrilled.

COVID brought about some setbacks, but inspired by being noticed by Avenue and driven by her goals, she’s still finding new retailers and working hard to build her brand and maintain the quality of her carefully crafted product.

Are you ready to strike out on your own? Take business training at Momentum! Learn more here.

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