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Calgary’s Municipal Election

Calgary’s municipal election is taking place on Monday, October 18 to elect a new mayor, city councilors, and school board trustees. Citizens will also receive ballots to vote on a municipal plebiscite, two provincial referenda, and to select a list of nominees from Alberta for Canada’s Senate. 

That’s a lot to think about but don’t worry – Momentum’s Public Policy team is here for you!

We hosted a Lunch and Learn covering everything you need to know to feel informed and ready to cast your votes. Check it out here:


We’ve been reaching out to candidates to discuss Municipal opportunities for accelerating COVID-19 recovery in Calgary. This document offers policy ideas for reducing poverty and accelerating our economic recovery. We encourage everyone in our community to raise these ideas with their candidates at the doors, online, or at a community forum.


All Canadian citizens who are 18 years old or older can vote. Check out the following links from Elections Calgary for more information:

Here at Momentum, we encourage active participation in our political process to build a thriving community for all. Momentum works collaboratively with community partners, academics, civil servants, and elected officials to create public policies that address the root causes of poverty and build an inclusive local economy.

Photo credit: Michael J, used under Creative Commons license BY-NC 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/chealion/2156276538/

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