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Business Feasibility Study helped this freelancer transform his passion into his career

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With the goal to refine and design business ideas, Momentum’s Business Feasibility Study is a three-day course that provides participants with a targeted and objective approach to launching a business.  

It all started in 2012 when Momentum noticed a deficit of support for people with disabilities to develop their business idea; and with this in mind, the Business Basics 15 program was developed. But in January of 2020, Momentum facilitators set on the path to redesign it as a tool to filter participants for other Momentum programs. And so, the Business Feasibility Study was created.  

The three-day program offers participants the chance to transform their ideas, challenge themselves and increase their ability to launch a stronger business. With the opportunity to work with suitable tools and resources, the Business Feasibility Study will also set participants up for success with other programs at Momentum. 

“It gets you thinking and in different ways about what you’re doing and really forces you to think practically,” says Ethan, a recent participant of the program.  

After being laid off at the beginning of 2021 and deciding to make a career pivot, Ethan transformed his passion into his career. It was his love for writing and editing that inspired him to start Writewords, a freelance writing and editing service.  

It was through a Google search that Ethan then found the Business Feasibility Study. “It sounded like a great introduction to Momentum and also a way to sort of feel out,” he says. 

Through the program, Ethan was able to learn in a space that not only provided a foundation of ideas and resources, but also a wealth of different perspectives and support from the other participants.  

After completing the Business Feasibility Study, he has now started the Self Employment Program at Momentum. “The business feasibility study helped me get there,” he says. “I think it helped open that door.” 

Now having completed the Business Feasibility Study and having recently begun the Self Employment program, Ethan is excited about the future of Writewords and hopes for a sustainable future for his business. “It’s a love of mine and so what a nice vision to have your passion be what you get up and work on every morning.”

After over a year in operation, 222 individuals have completed the Business Feasibility Study program. A quarter of those participants, Ethan being one, have taken the opportunity to continue using Momentum programs to help launch their businesses.

And not only does this program exist as a resource for participants to reshape, reframe, and redesign their business ideas, it also provides a rounded approach to understanding the complexities of starting a businessAnd with the refined tools and resources that the program uses, participants come out of this experience being able to refine their ideas and target their business approach for success.

Do you have a business idea that you would like to explore? Join us for our Business Feasibility Study program!