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Business Development Showcase: Celebrating 20 Years

What are you passionate about? What do you love?
At Momentum, we believe every person has skills, talents and passions that they can share with those around them. Sometimes, however, these gifts don’t fit into traditional employment boxes. Entrepreneurship allows individuals to create their own box that they can be successful in and ultimately contribute to their community.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Business Development Department of Momentum. To celebrate, we have collected 20 stories about past participants who have thriving businesses. These stories reflect the diversity, innovation and hard work of the inspiring participants who come through our doors every year to take one of our many programs.
Often these individuals have been categorized by the barriers they face such as being a single mother, having a disability or being new to Canada with English as a second language. Starting a business allowed these participants to ask themselves fundamentally different questions, “What am I passionate about? What do I love?” With these questions as a starting point, new opportunities emerged. For these individuals, and subsequently their families and communities, sustainable change was made real through self-employment.
We’re proud of every one of the business owners included in this book, and many more who are living their dream of entrepreneurship. The last 20 years has been tremendously rewarding for Momentum and we look to the future with great expectations.
You can download the pdf.