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Budgeting made easy. It’s all about Mindset.

When you hear the word “budget” do you start to feel all warm and fuzzy inside or do you feel drained all of the sudden? If you’re like me and start to feel drained, just know you’re not the only one who feels that way. But you don’t have to feel that way. All you have to do is put a new spin on the word “budget” and start thinking “spending plan” instead.


Before I started thinking about my budget as my spending plan, I still budgeted anyways because I care about financial security much more than I do about the inconvenience of sitting down and crunching the numbers. That’s the tougher way to go about budgeting, finding something that holds more value to you e.g. financial security or control than the activity or thought of the thing that is holding you back e.g. tallying up the receipts and categorizing the spending.


It’s a small shift in wording but it could make something that felt like an uphill battle into a level playing field.


As you think about your own money management habits, what did you notice about yourself when you thought about the word “budget” compared to “spending plan” leave comments below.


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