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Alison has Momentum

Alison Springer is a Momentum alumna. But did you know she was also the Master of Ceremonies at Momentum’s 2010 Annual Celebration and General Meeting? Well, she was and she was amazing! Read Alison’s story of momentum:

Most people would describe me as a confident strong woman who knows where she’s going. I would have described myself that way as well until I resigned from my job to start my own public speaking business in the Fall of 2008. I was exhilarated as I could sense that my encounter with destiny was just around the corner! Needless to say I was caught off guard when I bumped into Uncertainty, and Self doubt, who then called over Anxiety who just so happened to be spending the day with Fear and Failure! Soon my weaknesses and my past joined this unruly group showing me no mercy as they taunted me night and day gradually depleting me of confidence and strength.
Spring 2009 was when I was accepted into the Women’s Venture Program. I was no longer facing uncertainty and doubt alone, there were thirteen other women battling them as well. Divided we’re weak, but together we’re going to be strong. I was in a place surrounded by women whose stories, business ideas and talents inspired me. The different presenters empowered me with knowledge. My instructor’s experience in coaching and understanding women proved valuable as she listened beyond what I was saying to hear my hearts cry then carefully discerning and structuring questions that would expose the lie that I believed about myself while revealing the truth of who I really am. Powerful.
The six month course was hard work. At first I could not understand why I had to research my industry and complete all these assignments, but as I completed them I gained:

  • Clarity and precision in the vision and operations of my business.
  • A sense of pride in my work with each assignment handed in.

Since completing my business plan I am no longer overwhelmed by my weaknesses, because I have a plan and continued support provided by the business coaching I now receive up to a year after the course, keeping me accountable to the plan ensuring success. The Women’s Venture Program was the backing and guidance I needed to make certain that I meet up with Destiny and not cave in to the Fear or Failure. I have been equipped with a new way of thinking and for that I am forever grateful as I can again say that I am a strong, confident woman who knows where she is going.