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Learning about financial literacy changed the course of Laura’s life.

Laura Velasquez came to Canada from Venezuela when she was 10. In her teens her parents would be away for long periods of time as her dad worked up North. She recognized this was a crucial time to start learning about financial literacy and what that meant, but she was never able to draw on her parent’s knowledge of finances.

“They tried to make it seem like everything was good and they had everything all figured out,” Laura explains. “We would not go hungry or anything like that, but I knew we weren’t financially well.”

She started working at the age of 14 to have some money of her own but didn’t know how to work with money or credit cards. While in high school she heard about Momentum’s Youth Fair Gains program, which teaches youth to save their money while they learn. “It was a really good opportunity to start saving for post secondary because I didn’t really have anything planned,” Laura says. “Everyone in my life told me to take student loans and that’s just the way it was.”

Because she lacked a foundation of financial literacy she initially found the program to be difficult, but was grateful for what she learned because it influenced her relationship with credit when she turned 18.

“Once I got the credit card I think I had a good understanding that it wasn’t my money,” says Laura, who now sees some people in her life struggling with debt and knows that it could have been her. “I would have had credit card debt and that would have set me back a lot. That can be a strong barrier to getting ahead. I think I would have more inclined to do Pay Day Loans. There were times where I could have gone there because I needed money.”

Laura used the money she saved to go to Mount Royal and eventually got her degree in Criminal Justice. She now works as an Education and Outreach Program Supervisor for Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse. Her life changed because of financial literacy education and she’s grateful for it.

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Policy Spotlight

Keen to help Alberta businesses succeed? It's now easier than ever.

In a joint announcement with Momentum and Local Investing YYC, the Government of Alberta officially launched the Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) tax credit program. 

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Statistics Canada is seeking your input

Statistics Canada is seeking input from people across Canada to update their basket of goods measurement. Let the Federal Government know how much money a family really needs for items like food, clothing, shelter and transportation.

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Join Thrive for a community huddle

Thrive is hosting its annual gathering of people passionate about the local economy and sustainable impact!

Gain inspiration and connection to the people and resources that are working together to build a resilient and inclusive local economy for all Calgarians. 


November 29, 2018
4:00pm - 7:00pm
Central Public Library

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Curious about Pipefitting?

This pre-apprenticeship program can help you build important skills to achieve your dreams.

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