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5 Ways to Make the Holidays Less Materialistic

A recent article on CBC Parents listed five ways to add meaning to your family’s holiday season that doesn’t involve stacking presents under the tree.
1)      Spread the Joy
An important lesson we can teach our children is that giving is better than receiving.  Volunteering together helps show our children that the gift of time is more rewarding than a bunch of presents.
 2)      Give an Adventure
In our Consumerism workshop, we talk about how time spent with loved ones is the most rewarding experience we can have in life.  This time spent together creates lifelong memories, so think about how you can gift adventures together with your children this Christmas.  Some inexpensive ideas include a tobogganing adventure, a trip to a new park, or consider a day where kids get to plan the itinerary.
3)      Shop for a Stranger
Plan for your kids to buy gifts for a child who may not get any presents this year. The Calgary Food Bank has a list of Christmas programs that run around Calgary that welcome donations during the holiday season.
4)      DIY Gifts
Everyone in Momentum’s Financial Literacy department loves homemade gifts! A few easy ones include a homemade card, a painted mug, or a Christmas tree ornament.  Searching online for homemade gifts will also bring up many more ideas.
 5)      Cultivate Customs
If presents dominate your family’s Christmas time traditions, consider creating some new ones.  The idea is to change the focus from gifts, to time spent together.  As a family come up with a list of all the fun things you would like to do together over the holiday season.  Some ideas include: watching Christmas movies, baking cookies, going skating, or going for a walk to look at Christmas lights.
The holiday season is all about creating memories with people we love.  What are you going to do this year?

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