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5 Questions to Ask Friends & Family Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

November is Financial Literacy Month. Instead of the usual “How was your day?”, I would invite you to ask your friends and family a bold and fun question about money to deepen your relationship.
Some example questions to ask are:
1) If you won the lottery and money is no longer a concern, what would you invest your money on? This is an excellent question to determine someone’s priorities, aspirations and dreams. Perhaps they would invest in experiences such as concerts and traveling, or maybe on buying a home.
2) What are you favourite money saving apps? This may start a rich conversation on the various ways to budget, price-match, research and earn points.
3) How do you typically spend your “fun money”? This question to see what someone would value and enjoy. Maybe this is on comic books, going to the mountains, eating out, etc.
4) Who are five people (past or present) that you invite for dinner and talk about money, debts, and investments? The five people invited to dinner do not have to be money experts or gurus.  Another fun question to learn about who someone admires.
5) What generic items do you buy? Flipping that question, what brand name items do you purchase?  These two questions are fun and good for light debate and banter.
I hope you enjoy talking about money with your friends and family!

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