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10th Annual Clothing Swap the largest ever!

Momentum hosted our largest Clothing Swap to date on April 26th, the 10th annual event of its kind put on by our internal Sustainable Action Group (SAG). The swap was a chance for participants and staff to trade in their old duds for some new-to-them gear.  We had so much clothing brought to the swap that we ended up taking 10 bags of leftover clothing to Women in Need Society (WINS) for donation! We also donated two bags of unusable clothing to Clothing for a Cause, a local charity that up-cycles textiles into materials such as carpet underlay and vehicle padding.

Clothing swaps are a great way to switch out and refresh your wardrobe without negatively impacting your budget or the environment. The average Canadian throws away about 37kgs of clothing every year and only 15% of clothing in Canada gets recycled. The remaining 85% ends up in a landfill. Most of this clothing is in good condition and usually can be recycled. Clothing swaps keep good clothing in circulation and decrease the demand for clothing production, which is extremely polluting and energy intensive.

So next time your wardrobe starts to feel lackluster, plan a clothing swap with your friends, family, and neighbours – You’ll be surprised at all the treasures you will find!