Financial Coaching

Control your money, control your life and create your future with financial coaching!

Our free financial coaching program is available to anyone who is living on a low income in Calgary. We offer up to five one-on-one sessions. Financial Coaching can help increase your confidence in managing your money and increase your financial wellness. Participants will receive the support they need to make informed decisions to move their financial goals forward.


How does it work?

Momentum partners with people living on a low income to help them take control of their money. In our financial coaching sessions, we are here to listen and get an understanding of what is going on for you, and what your financial goals are. We assist you to get there. We are here to keep you on track and to provide tools and resources when needed.

We offer up to five one-on-one sessions to help you:

  • Create a budget to plan your spending
  • Track expense to understand what your money is doing
  • Create a debt-management plan
  • Create a savings goal

Financial Coaching Program Success

“I am so much more hopeful about my future. I can save for things that I want to do. And I also have so much more confidence in my ability to manage my money.” – Julie

I feel very confident about budgeting my money.  I am not experiencing any anxiety anymore whenever I think about managing money.  I am able to move my path towards financial and personal independence.  Because of you, I was able to tap into my planning skills which have also helped me overcome my lifelong fear of being financially independent.” – Nav

“I used to avoid even looking [at my balances] and now I am looking at the numbers and actively trying to figure out how to save and where my money is going.” – Carli

Up to five one-on-one sessions
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Who can join the Financial Coaching Program?
  • Anyone who lives in Calgary and area (Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks, Stoney Nakoda, Tsuu T’ina, Siksika, etc.)
  • Anyone who is 18+ years of age
  • Anyone who currently identifies as living on a low income


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach walks alongside participants to help guide your journey towards financial wellness by:

  • Identifying your financial goals
  • Creating a plan together about how you will reach your goals
What does a Financial Coach do?

A financial coach is someone who is on your team to cheer you along and celebrate with you as you develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in managing your money. They can also provide tools, resources, and information for your journey.

How does it work?

Decide that this is what you want to do. Decide that you want to take your money management skills to the next level. Connect with us and book an appointment. You will guide the focus of our sessions and your financial coach will keep you on track. You and your financial coach will:

  • Identify action items that you will need to complete along the way
  • Celebrate your awesomeness!
  • Troubleshoot together when the plan does not go as expected
I don't have extra money. Do I need financial coaching?

Do you often feel stressed and worried about money? Are you not sure what to do about it? Do you often wonder where your money went? Financial coaching may be able to help.
Money management focuses on what you do with your money. Whether you have a lot or a little money, at the end of the day what makes the difference is what you do with it. Financial Coaching can help you understand how to manage your money in a way that works for your lifestyle.

I don't have a job right now, can I still book Financial Coaching?

Yes, you can still access coaching. However, it is important that you have a sustainable source of income that is stable and sufficient, enough to cover your basic needs. Financial coaching is the right program for people who can think about the future.

What if I have a lot of debt? Can I still access Financial Coaching?

If you are struggling with debt and you cannot deal with it on your own please contact Money Mentors or Credit Counselling Society.

Can I take the program more than once?

Participants can re-engage in the program after they have had time to practice the skills learned. A minimum of 6 months since the last complete session is recommended.

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