Financial Literacy Training

Momentum’s Financial Literacy Training provides the tools and training required to deliver foundational money management education.

In-person Financial Literacy Trainings are tentatively scheduled to resume in March. Please contact for more information.

This curriculum has been designed for use by staff of not-for-profit community-based agencies who work with people in or at risk of poverty. Momentum has been delivering financial literacy workshops for over 18 years to more than 25,000 individuals.


What makes the curriculum unique?

  • It’s all in the delivery! Based on comprehensive front-line experience working with individuals living on low incomes
  • Foundational nature of the curriculum and plain language tailored to the unique needs of individuals living on low incomes or experiencing other barriers
  • Activity-based approach provides an engaging environment to learn about a challenging topic
  • Five modules cover both the technical and behavioral components of financial literacy, increasing the chances that your participants will be able and willing to make the changes in their own lives


What you will learn in this training:

  • Foundational financial literacy education
  • How financial literacy is used as a poverty reduction intervention
  • Adult learning principles and facilitation techniques using specific interactive exercises
  • The sustainable livelihoods framework and how to use it to build individual assets and overcome challenges
  • Facilitate to groups or adapt the materials for one-on-one participant work using Momentum’s financial literacy curriculum



Learning Objectives

After attending this training, you will be able to:


  • Explain the philosophy of the asset model and how it can be a tool for self-evaluation and improvement.
  • Guide participants in recognizing their assets and identifying areas for growth through setting goals.
  • Direct participants to complete an asset map and to use it as a problem-solving tool.


  • Describe how needs and wants impact our spending habits.
  • Teach participants how to identify and track expenses.
  • Instruct participants how to develop a budget in class based on income and expenses.


  • Explain bank account options and benefits.
  • Teach participants how to use bank services efficiently and safely.
  • Direct participants to banking tools and resources.


  • Explain the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of credit.
  • List and brainstorm strategies with the class for using credit wisely.
  • Direct participants where to access consumer credit resources and tools.


  • Facilitate a discussion about consumerism and its effects.
  • Describe how advertising is constructed to impact consumerism.
  • Teach strategies for controlling consumerism and facilitate a class discussion on how to live more simply.


What is included within the Financial Literacy Training?

You will receive:

  1. Intensive two-day facilitation training on the five core workshops
  2. Facilitation skills based on adult learning principles
  3. Financial Literacy curriculum manual and resources, including facilitators’ guides and participant handouts
  4. Networking opportunities with other agencies serving people living on low incomes
  5. 13 hours of continuing education

You & your organization will:

  • Build expertise in the sustainable livelihoods approach to poverty reduction
  • Build the in-house capacity to provide money management education for your participants
  • Enjoy the flexibility to work through each topic at a pace that works for your participants



How much does training cost?

The cost to attend the Momentum on-site  training for non-profit and other community-based agencies is  $175/staff person. This includes all materials and the license to use and distribute Momentum’s copyrighted curriculum by trained staff.

Fill out the form below or contact us at 403-204-2690 or to register for the on-site training or to discuss private delivery  for your organization.



Who is this training for?

The training is for staff (social workers, social service professionals and health care professionals) who are working with people facing barriers and living on a low income. The training is at a beginner level covering foundational financial literacy topics. No prior experience in finances is necessary.



How long is the training?

The in-person, 2-day course runs for 7.5 hours each. For more information, view a sample agenda.

Certificates of completion and continuing education credits will be awarded at the end of the second day of training for all those who have attended the two full days of training.



Fill out the form below, call 403-204-2690 or email for more information or to address any special needs or accommodations.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be received within 10 business days prior to course start for full refund.

Questions or Concerns?

If concerns arise during your Financial Literacy Training course, please contact 403-204-2690 or

Upcoming Courses

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About the trainer

Lynne Engelman has been with Momentum for over a decade, working with vulnerable populations to increase their resilience and grow their assets through poverty reduction interventions like financial literacy education. She is a registered social worker with a Master of Social Work and a certificate in Addiction Studies.


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