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Money Matters

Money Matters is a partnership between Momentum and Calgary Alternative Support Services (CASS) that provides financial literacy support and services to individuals living with mental health or addiction challenges.
Money matters helps participants to build financial literacy skills through access to:

Financial Education provided by Momentum
Financial Administration provided by CASS

Financial Education
Momentum facilitators deliver a series of seven workshops hosted by various organizations within the Calgary health community. Workshops are hosted by various community-based mental health or addiction agencies. Host agencies are expected to recruit and register participants for each workshop.

Workshop topics include:
Budget 1: What’s your money personality?
Budget 2: Tell your money where to go
Assets: Discovering your true wealth
Banking: Understanding your options
Credit: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Debt Management: Yes, there is a way
Consumerism: Moving toward simplicity

Financial Administration
The Financial Administrator from CASS offers one-on-one participant-directed support to individuals who find it difficult to manage their finances on their own.

The Financial Administrator works with participants to:
Set financial goals
Develop a budget
Build their credit rating
Pay down their debt
Establish savings

Participants are expected to attend the Financial Education workshops when involved with the Financial Administrator.

To book Money Matters workshops for participants at your agency call 403-204-2687 or email moneymatters@momentum.org

Duration: N/A
Cost: Free

Do you qualify?

This program is for people who meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Money Matters is available for any individual experiencing mental health or addiction challenges who lives in Calgary and needs help with money management.


Contact us for more information by calling 403-204-2687.

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