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Money Management

Gain confidence in your finances by learning about budgeting, banking, credit, assets and consumerism during these free 2-hour workshops.

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Sign up for as few or as many workshops as you’d like. Participants who attend all five workshops will earn a Certificate of Completion.

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: Free

Learn the skills

  • Budgeting: Learn how to write a budget and control your spending
  • Banking: Learn about banking features and products and how to use them safely and efficiently
  • Credit: Learn about different credit products, credit reports and scores, and how to manage debt
  • Assets: Learn about all of the assets you have and how to use them to solve a challenge and reach your goals
  • Consumerism: Learn how consumerism and advertising affects your spending habits, how to be an informed consumer, and how to live your best life

Do you qualify?

  • Money Management workshops are intended for those living on a low income, or experiencing significant barriers.


Register for  an upcoming workshop 

Choose from classes on Assets, Banking, Consumerism, Budgeting and Credit.

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