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Self Employment Program

The Self Employment Program is a 6 month, daytime program. Participants of the Self Employment Program will receive both classroom instruction and individual business coaching. The first 10 weeks are focused in the classroom where participants will write a comprehensive business plan. During the remaining 16 weeks participants will be in class 1 morning per week, while devoting their time to implementing their business plan. One-on-one business coaching is offered once weekly for 25 weeks.

Upcoming Dates

April 8, 2019 – October 4, 2019
September 30, 2019 – March 27, 2020


Weekdays from 9am – 3:30pm – Days vary throughout the program

Financial Support

Participants in the Self Employment Program may be supported by an existing Active EI Claim or Learner Income Support depending on household circumstances. Part time work (under 20 hours per week) during the program is possible.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is designed to support participants with individual needs that may not be covered in class or are more difficult to address in the classroom setting. This one on one relationship provides an amazing opportunity for participants to receive tailored feedback and support throughout their start-up process.


Micro Business Loans of up to $10,000 are available for participants who successfully complete the Self Employment Program. Participants need to have a completed business plan, up to date financials, and acceptable credit history. Learn more about Momentum’s Micro Business Loans.

Duration: 6 months
Cost: Free.

Learn the skills

  • Write a comprehensive business plan, including a marketing plan
  • Research your industry, competitors, and customers
  • Understand licensing, permits and registration
  • Understand insurance, taxation and other operational topics
  • Build a financial model for revenue (sales) and cash flow forecasts
  • Start, manage and operate your business
  • Develop marketing and sales skills
  • Weekly one-on-one business coaching

Do you qualify?

  • You are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You are unemployed, have an existing EI claim, or are working less than 20 hours a week
  • You are low income or seeking financial independence
  • You have a realistic business idea, and are ready to start your business while in the program
  • Successful participants are coachable, committed, and willing to hold themselves accountable


Let’s talk about your business idea! If you would like to apply for the Self Employment Program please call 403-204-2657 or email business@momentum.org to find out if this program is best for you.

You may also attend one of our free Discover Self Employment information sessions to learn more about our business programs and fill in an application. Upcoming dates for the Discover Self Employment program may be found through the program calendar, below.

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