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Volunteering: It is more than just helping out…

By: Rachel Hardcastle – Guest Blogger: Tristan Laut
Donations come in many forms, some come in money and others in the form of simply giving one’s time. Volunteers are a fundamental part of Momentum. They dedicate their time and energy, contributing to the success of our participants and programs, and making Momentum a better place to be for everyone.
As summer quickly comes to a close, I would like to give a shout-out to Tristan Laut, one of our many dedicated volunteers, who has worked with us over the past two summers. Tristan generously donated 177 hours of her time over her summer break this year to help out around our organization. In addition to Tristan being a wonderful person to have around, she was fundamental to many exciting projects around Momentum. She was outstanding in adding man power to the Youth Fair Gains program, working hard to develop new and exciting outreach and marketing techniques for the program to utilize in the future. Tristan was described as a “total asset” by the Financial Literacy team (and we love assets here at Momentum!).
You could simply take my word as the Volunteer Coordinator at Momentum that Tristan’s experience with us was great, or you can read it in her own words:
“I am currently at the University of Victoria where in September I will begin my third year studying Anthropology. I am lucky to have been given the great opportunity of volunteering with Momentum for the past two summers. It has been a refreshing change from the grind of studying and the panic of exams and has been a wonderful experience. I have learned so much during my time at Momentum. I’ve learned some very useful skills and gotten an inside look at the running of a non-profit. These past two summers have provided more than just an opportunity to add new skills to my resume or to discover more about an interesting field of work. Volunteering has allowed me to engage with my community and to feel like I am contributing something to it. I have also learned about the different kinds of assets that people have and volunteering has helped me to expand my personal and human assets as well as helping me learn more about myself, my beliefs, values and interests. Volunteering can be a rewarding way to spend your time. You can add value to your community, learn new skills, find a new interest or at the very least meet some great people!” –Tristan Laut
It truly gives me great joy to see that our volunteers get out of Momentum almost as much as we get out of them. I speak on behalf of all of us at Momentum when I give a huge THANK YOU to Tristan and to all of our amazing volunteers. You truly make our organization a success!
Interested in getting involved? Please visit our website to see our current volunteer opportunities!