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…And That’s a Wrap of 2018!

  On Wednesday, May 15, 2019, over 150 people gathered at the Danish Canadian Club for Momentum’s Annual Celebration and General Meeting. It was a joy-filled afternoon where guests mingled and connected with other community members while partaking in delicious food from the Danish Canadian Club and Momentum’s own business graduates.

Carrving a new path

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  Originally featured in a blog post last autumn, Momentum caught up with Michael of Carrver Creations at our annual Business Breakfast on March 1, 2019. We were fortunate at the event to receive a chainsaw-carved totem in tribute to the learning and growth Michael experienced while a part of the Self Employment program.

Our New Strategic Direction

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In the Spring of 2017, you joined Momentum to help us envision the future. Together we shared dreams and hopes for Momentum through stories, drawings and action plans. From this process, we’ve created a new strategic vision for our work. We’re excited to present our new strategic vision that you helped us to craft. Thank you for being an engaged part of the Momentum community!… Read more

Four Months

I am new to Momentum. A week ago Thursday marked my fourth month here. From my first day, it’s been a whirlwind of learning and growing and experiencing. In my research of Momentum prior to joining the team I learned a lot.  I read about housing programs and I read about how Momentum is recognized for social innovation in Calgary. I read about the Savings… Read more

The Difference One Ingredient Can Make

There are times in the life of any cook, in any kitchen, when a recipe you’ve been wanting to try for years is suddenly possible because one final ingredient is available at last. In this case, the key ingredient arrived in 2016 when Calgary Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) received an increase in funding from the Government of Alberta. This increase allowed FCSS to… Read more

Engaging in Determining Vision

Recently, Momentum connected with our community to begin the process of determining our strategic map to carry us forward. We are grateful to everyone that engaged with us in our strategic visioning process. The visions and actions created through your engagements will be used to develop Momentum’s new strategic directions. Together we worked to: Discover what factors are vital to Momentum’s current work and past… Read more

Resilience & Sustainability: the Difference it Makes to Have Assets

At Momentum, we base our community economic development work on the Sustainable Livelihoods model. This approach to poverty reduction is based on the assumption that everyone, no matter their circumstances, has assets on which to build. To create sustainable livelihoods, the kind that see us through good times and bad, we must think beyond financial assets. While there is no doubt that financial assets are… Read more

Volunteering: It is more than just helping out…

By: Rachel Hardcastle – Guest Blogger: Tristan Laut Donations come in many forms, some come in money and others in the form of simply giving one’s time. Volunteers are a fundamental part of Momentum. They dedicate their time and energy, contributing to the success of our participants and programs, and making Momentum a better place to be for everyone. As summer quickly comes to a… Read more

Flooded with Support

If you’ve been in Calgary over the past two weeks you know there has been intense weather outside. Tornado warnings, heat and hail have kept us all on high alerts. What you might not know is that the weather has been a little crazy inside Momentum, too. Last week a pipe in our ceiling burst and our offices flooded. About a third of our space… Read more

Business Development Showcase: Celebrating 20 Years

What are you passionate about? What do you love? At Momentum, we believe every person has skills, talents and passions that they can share with those around them. Sometimes, however, these gifts don’t fit into traditional employment boxes. Entrepreneurship allows individuals to create their own box that they can be successful in and ultimately contribute to their community. This year marks the 20th anniversary of… Read more