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Finding a new future with Compass

Sometimes life is interrupted. We find ourselves suddenly off course from our original path, plans or dreams, going down paths that we didn’t expect to, unsure of how to get back on track. Whether it is because of an illness, trauma, or any other unexpected life situation, we find ourselves desperately seeking a way to move forward. Lexi is finding her footing.

How to Negotiate a Better Cell Phone Bill

Switching our cell phone carrier before our contract is up will result in paying a cancellation fee, which is often hundreds of dollars. What we can do is negotiate with our existing company to get them to lower our fees. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Be nice! It is tempting to get emotional with our phone company, especially if they aren’t… Read more

Apps To Help You Save Money

Looking to save some money? As the saying goes, there’s an app for that! Here are some free must-have apps to help you spend less: Check-Out 51 Have you ever clipped coupons? Check-Out 51 is the high-tech version of the coupon. Each week, you will get a list of products that you can receive money back on after you buy them. The amount back will… Read more