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Three things worth celebrating in the 2018 Alberta Budget

The Government of Alberta announced its 2018 Budget yesterday. From our perspective, here are three things worth celebrating: Provincial funding for preventative social services was protected In 2016, the Government of Alberta boosted funding for preventative social services in communities across the province by $25 million. This was the first significant increase to the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) budget since 2009, and a… Read more

God-given Boom-Bust Cycle?

Recently an opinion piece by Ted Morton appeared in the Calgary Herald. His assessment: the budget brought forth by the provincial NDP is a step backward in predictable life-cycle of the Alberta economy. Jeff Loomis, Patricia Jones and Franco Savoia—heads of three Calgary not-for-profit agencies—offer a different point of view. Namely, that the oil-driven boom-bust cycle is not a god-given reality in our province. The… Read more