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Child poverty rates in Alberta drop

Newly released data from Statistics Canada shows that the rate of child poverty in Alberta fell by 50% between 2015 and 2017. While child poverty was reduced in almost every province, the greatest drop was seen in Alberta. Two specific public policies implemented in 2016 have contributed significantly to this decline: the consolidation of a several federal child benefits and credits into the Canada Child… Read more

We had our say on the Alberta budget

The Alberta Government reached out to all Albertans for ideas on their upcoming budget. The provincial budget, expected in October, will set spending priorities for the next six months. Momentum took the government up on their offer and has provided feedback through the process and to government contacts. Have a look at what we said in Momentum Budget Submission 2015. Momentum believes that these priorities… Read more

Strengthening Our Communities Through Change

Today we have a blog post from guest blogger Laura Conrad, Public Policy Assistant at Momentum. Change is a very difficult topic to write about or even talk about, especially when it’s in progress. But sometimes it is necessary, especially when a large number of people are simultaneously influencing this change and being affected by it. Joe Ceci, Manager of Public Policy at Momentum, and… Read more