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Saving money with the QUBER app is easy!

Here are the details:

How does the QUBER app work?

The QUBER savings app is free to download. When you sign up for the Momentum Savings Challenge on QUBER, your bank account will be linked in the app securely. Money will be withdrawn from your bank account bi-weekly or monthly (you choose!) and moved to the QUBER bank account, the QUBER Vault, for safe keeping. Once you reach pre-defined challenge milestones, you will automatically earn incentives.

Click here to view our QUBER demo video if you are a new user.

Click here to view our  QUBER demo video if you are already a QUBER user.

Is this a scam? Where do the incentives come from?

We are a Registered Charity. Since 1999, Momentum’s Matched-Savings Programs
have empowered people who are living on low incomes with limited  assets. The funding for this program is from our financial partners who support our organization. Learn more about our funders here.

When do I receive my Challenge incentives?

The starting bonus is earned as soon as you join the Savings Challenge. All other  incentives that are tied to withdrawals from your bank account will be earned 5 business days after the money starts to transfer to the QUBER Vault.

Can I stop the Savings Challenge once I've started it?

Stop the Challenge by clicking, “Cashout”. You can then choose to “Cashout & Quit’.  Or choose ‘Cashout and Continue” which transfers your savings and incentives to your linked account, but you can still continue the Challenge.

If you are worried that you might not have money in your bank account for your next savings withdrawal, you can skip a withdrawal. First, open QUBER and navigate to the Momentum Savings Challenge. Under the Details section, you will see ‘Next withdrawal’ with a date. Look for the ‘Skip withdrawal’ link. This will skip the next withdrawal and automatically continue with the next withdrawal. Please note, by skipping a withdrawal, you may lose out on some incentives.

BE AWARE: if QUBER attempts to withdraw money that is not available in your account, you are at risk of paying a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee to your bank. NSF fees can be upwards of $50.

Who can I talk to if I need help?

For technical questions about the QUBER savings app, please email and
for questions about the Momentum Savings Challenge, email


View this video if you are already a QUBER user:

View this video if you are new QUBER user:

Download QUBER from the Apple Store or Google Play.
Download the QUBER Savings App on the google play store.Download the QUBER Savings App on the Apple App Store.



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