Savings Technology

We’re Going Digital!

Momentum’s savings technology makes saving easy, even if you are on a fixed income, work a low-paying job, or rely on EI or AISH. Plus, we are rewarding Calgarians living on low-incomes, just for saving!

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Frequently Asked Questions
saving budget app for phoneWhy is Momentum Rewarding Savers?

For over 25 years, Momentum has been working with people living on low incomes to create a thriving local economy for all Calgarians. We offer in-person classes on how to: budget, manage and save your money, start your own business, and increase your skills to get a good job. Through our matching programs, we have matched over $4 million in savings so that deserving Calgarians can purchase life-changing assets. Learn more about our classes, here.

How Does the Technology Work?

This is a new program and the technology is currently in the research and development stages. Want to share insights with us? Email .

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