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Why Save?

Success often starts with small steps. Saving money over a longer time period can help you reach larger goals, even when these seem out of reach. This can be even more difficult when your household income is limited. Whether your dreams include furthering your education, an emergency fund, a new home, or anything else, this savings technology is designed to help you and your family save for the future.

Earn Cash Rewards for Saving Your Own Money

Momentum is partnering with QUBER, an easy to use mobile app that helps you save money for what you love. Want to try the QUBER savings app for free and earn cash rewards? We want your feedback!

Get our unique referral code by answering the questions below.

When you open the app for the first time, click, “First time? Register Now!” at the bottom of the screen, and use our Referral Code. Next, agree to share your savings progress and contact details with Momentum by clicking “Yes”. We will send you an email when our next savings challenge is live – you will earn cash rewards for using the app to save money and providing your feedback! 

How to sign up

Step 1: Answer our Sign Up Here question below to get our referral code

Step 2: Download the free QUBER app and put in the code

Step 3: Click “Yes” on the QUBER pop-up, to share your savings progress and contact details with Momentum. We will email you when our next opportunity to earn cash rewards is available. In the meantime, try using QUBER to reach your savings goals, for free! 

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