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The QUBER Savings App can make saving money possible, even if you’re living on a low income. Have you struggled to save? Don’t know where to start? The QUBER savings app is for you!savings app

Success often starts with small steps. Saving money over a longer period of time can help you reach larger goals, even when these seem out of reach. This can be even more difficult when your household income is limited, but it is possible!

Momentum has been supporting Calgarians to manage their money and build ongoing saving habits for more than 20 years.

If your dreams include going back to school, an emergency fund, a new home, or anything else, this savings technology is designed to help you and your family save for the future.

Earn Cash Rewards for Saving Your Own Money

Momentum has an easy to use mobile app in partnership with QUBER that helps you save money, reach your savings goals, and start a savings habit.

How does it work?

Download QUBER from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Download the QUBER Savings App on the google play store.Download the QUBER Savings App on the Apple App Store.



Link your bank to the QUBER App.

Save $40 each month, for 10 months, and earn up to $100 from Momentum!


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10 months
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To take part in Momentum’s Savings Challenge you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria:
• You are over 17 years of age
• You are a resident of Calgary and surrounding area
• Your household income is below the following cut off chart (before tax)

Household SizeMonthlyYearly
1 person$ 2,642.60
$ 31,711.20
2 persons$ 3,289.90$ 39,478.80
3 persons$ 4,044.50$ 48,534.00
4 persons$ 4,910.60 $ 58,927.20
5 persons$ 5,569.50$ 66,834.00
6 persons$ 6,281.40$ 75,376.80
7 or more persons$ 6,993.50$ 83,922.00
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