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The Challenge: Save $20 biweekly, get up to $100 in bonus money

The QUBER Savings App can help you to start an emergency fund, even if:

  • You receive income support or AISH
  • You live in affordable housing
  • You are a single parent, or a student
  • You are living on a low income and it’s difficult to pay rent and bills

Momentum is a non-profit partner of Calgary Housing Company. We have supported Calgarians to save money for more than 20 years. Join our free, low commitment challenge on the QUBER app to start saving and feel less stressed about money.

Join our challenge on the QUBER app

How does the QUBER app work?

QUBER withdraws money from your bank account and sets it aside in the QUBER Vault (like a pre-authorized debit):

  • Sign up for QUBER then choose Momentum from the list of organizations that offer a matched savings program
  • Enter your bank, transit and account number, then choose your withdrawal dates. Every other week (or once a month) QUBER withdraws money from your account and transfers it to the QUBER Vault
  • Cash incentives are automatically added each time you save
  • Skip a withdrawal or cashout at any time. The longer you save, the more rewards you can earn

Small savings add up and soon you’ll have an emergency fund without even thinking about it. You can then save for bigger goals like school, starting a business or purchasing a home. By setting aside money as savings, QUBER reduces temptation to spend and helps you stick to your budget.

Who can join the Momentum Savings Challenge?

  • Live in Calgary, Alberta or surrounding area
    (Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks, Stoney Nakoda, Morley, Tsuu T’ina, Siksika, etc)
  • 17+ years of age
  • Currently living on a low income. See chart below

Anyone can use QUBER free, regardless of income. However, to earn rewards from the Momentum Savings Challenge your gross income (before tax) must meet the below cut off:

Household SizeMonthlyYearly
1 person$ 3,209.99
$ 38,519.92
2 persons$ 3,996.27$ 47,955.20
3 persons$ 4,912.93$ 58,955.16
4 persons$ 5,964.90$ 71,578.80
5 persons$ 6,765.33$ 81,184.00
6 persons$ 7,630.08$ 91,560.92
7 or more persons$ 8,495.02$ 101,940.20


How do I join?

  1. Download the QUBER app
  2. Tap Sign Up, then ‘Yes I am part of an organization that offers a QUBER match-based savings program’
  3. Search for “Momentum” in the list of organizations
  4. Link your bank account and set your start date. Each time you save $20, you will earn cash incentives!
Google Play - download QUBER     App store - download QUBER



Quick Start Guide - Momentum Savings Challenge

What bonus money can I get and when?

Earn cash incentives each time you save $20, totaling $100 (over a maximum ten months)

+ Starting bonus, get this right away just for signing up ($5)
+ Saving boosts, each time you save money ($50 total)
+ 3-in-a-Row boosts, when you save money 3 times in a row ($30 total)
+ Completion bonus ($15)

= $100

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have emergency savings that will help you to feel less stressed about money. You might also see decreased spending because saving becomes a priority. This makes it easier to pay rent, bills, and manage debt.

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Need more information before starting, or some guidance to get the app set up? Let us know and we’ll be in touch!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the QUBER app work?

The QUBER savings app is free to download. Many organizations like Momentum sponsor challenges on QUBER. When you sign up for the Momentum Savings Challenge, you enter your bank account details to link to the app. This is not your username or password. Instead, you will provide your bank, transit and account number, similar to if you were setting up direct deposit with your employer. Money will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account bi-weekly or monthly (you choose!) and moved to the QUBER bank account, the QUBER Vault, for safe keeping. Each time you reach pre-defined savings milestones, you will earn incentives. View your incentives balance in QUBER.

Click here to view our QUBER demo video if you are a new user.

Click here to view our  QUBER demo video if you are already a QUBER user.

If you've already installed the QUBER app, read our QuickStart Guide.

Is the QUBER app safe to use? Momentum employees also trust QUBER to save. One reason why is because once money leaves your bank account, it can only return to the same bank account. QUBER does not allow you to change bank account details once you've started using it. If you do need to change the account linked, you must first return all savings to your original linked account using the Cashout button.

Is this a scam? Where do the incentives come from?

We are a Registered Charity. Since 1999, Momentum’s Matched-Savings Programs
have empowered people who are living on low incomes with limited  assets. The funding for this program is from our financial partners who support our organization. Learn more about our funders here.

QUBER is a Canadian fintech company and recent winner of the Desjardins Fintech Challenge in 2020.

When do I receive my Challenge incentives?

The starting bonus is earned as soon as you join the Savings Challenge. All other  incentives that are tied to withdrawals from your bank account will be earned 5 business days after the money starts to transfer to the QUBER Vault.

Can I stop the Savings Challenge once I've started it?

Stop the Challenge by clicking, “Cashout”. You can then choose to ‘Cashout and Continue” which transfers your savings and incentives to your linked account, but you can still continue the Challenge. Or, choose to “Cashout & Quit’.

If you are worried that you might not have money in your bank account for your next savings withdrawal, you can skip a withdrawal (watch how to video by clicking here). First, open QUBER and navigate to the Momentum Savings Challenge. Under the Details section, you will see ‘Next withdrawal’ with a date. Look for the ‘Skip withdrawal’ link. This will skip the next withdrawal and automatically continue with the next withdrawal. Please note, by skipping a withdrawal, you may lose out on some incentives.

BE AWARE: if QUBER attempts to withdraw money that is not available in your account, you are at risk of paying a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee to your bank. NSF fees can be upwards of $50.

What are QUBER Jars?

There are many different ways to save on QUBER. The Momentum Savings Challenge is one way. Setting up a QUBER jar is a different way. What you save in a QUBER jar will not count towards your Momentum Savings Challenge.

We recommend that you avoid using jars until you have completed our challenge. Our most successful savers focus on one thing at a time. However, if you've already set up a jar and want to pause it, watch this video to learn how.

Who can I talk to if I need help?

For technical questions about the QUBER savings app, please email and
for questions about the Momentum Savings Challenge, email


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For technical support, email QUBER support.
For questions about the Momentum Savings Challenge on the QUBER app, email us at

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