Job Boost

There can be many financial obstacles on the path towards a better job. You can access community and financial resources to help reach your goals, receive career support and referrals, and even receive a microloan of up to $10,000 to ensure you don’t need to quit before you reach your goal.

The Job Boost loan can be used to pay for costs, such as:

  • tuition or training
  • online learning
  • books and supplies
  • certification or re-certification
  • tools for work
  • record suspension
  • exam fees
  • professional association fees
  • short-term living expenses
  • other expenses that will lead to better employment


This program can:

  • Provide low-cost, character based loans to help you get a better job
  • Help you access community and financial resources to assist with your goals
  • Provide career support and referrals, to assist you
  • Help you build or repair your credit through the repayment of a Momentum Job Boost loan


Repayment schedule of Job Boost loans is up to a maximum of 2 years.
Interest is Prime + 2%
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