Passport Program

This is the program for you if you are in the start-up phase of your business.

This means you may have made some sales, you’re clear on who your target market is, you have some form of online presence established, but you just need a little more help and accountability.

For this flexible program, you must be a self-starter and be confident in working on your own. Think of Passport as a choose your own adventure to achieve your business goals. You may attend specific classes in our other programs, you may attend networking events, you may get connected with a mentor, and you will meet with a business coach to help you reach your specified learning goals. You may write a business plan, a marketing plan and/or financial plan, whatever tools will help you reach your goals.

Participants may be eligible for a micro business loan through Momentum.

Varies - self-directed studies

Call 403-204-2657 or email for more information.