A Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organization

Momentum acknowledges that systems of oppression like colonialism, racism, sexism/heterosexism, and ableism uphold barriers to equity, inclusion, and belonging in our communities. Our efforts to address systems of oppression and provide equitable access to employment, volunteer, and learning opportunities are key to advancing our mission to reduce poverty and created a thriving local economy for all.

At Momentum, we value and celebrate the diversity of our staff, contractors, board members, volunteers, and participants by acknowledging that each of us has a role to play and unique contributions to make to create a culture of equity, inclusion, and belonging for all at Momentum.

Read the Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Organization Policy (PDF)

Code of Conduct

At Momentum, we partner with people living on low incomes and community partners to bring about real change for individuals, families and communities. We also know that how we get these results is as important as the change itself. This Code of Conduct supports all Momentum stakeholders – staff members, participants, Board members, contractors, and volunteers to understand the expectations for how we do our work at Momentum.

Whatever the role you hold with Momentum, using this Code of Conduct will ensure your actions and decisions fit with our values of Integrity, Compassion & Social Justice, Equality & Respect, and Sustainability.

Read the Code of Conduct (PDF)

Respectful Workplace Policy

Momentum is committed to a work environment where everyone is safe and treated with respect. Disrespectful behaviours including bullying, harassment and violence are not tolerated at Momentum. Momentum is committed to resolving reported incidents in an objective and timely manner, taking necessary action; and providing appropriate support.

This policy applies to all staff members, contractors, subcontractors, Board members, volunteers, participants, donors, partners of Momentum as well as members of the general public who interact with Momentum representatives.

This policy applies to interactions at the workplace, including off-site work, at work-related events and outside the workplace if repercussions could adversely affect working relationships.

Read the Respectful Workplace Policy (PDF)

Privacy Policy

Momentum needs your information if you wish to participate in our programs. We also need information from those who want to donate to us and from our employees.

We need your information for the following purposes:

  1. To determine if you qualify for one of our programs
  2. To determine if you qualify for an employment, volunteer or participant position
  3. To understand and meet the needs, concerns and opinions of:
    • You
    • Future and past participants
    • Members
    • Our employees
    • Our volunteers
    • Our donors
  4. To meet legal and regulatory requirements
  5. To raise funds for Momentum.

How do we protect your personal information?

Momentum values and respects your privacy. To keep your information safe, Momentum will:

  • Use the best technology and methods to keep it safe
  • Make sure it is up-to-date and correct
  • Give you access to your information any time you ask
  • Not collect, use or give away your personal information for any reason other than those we have stated

When do we use your information?

  1. Momentum will only give your information to others with your consent, or when it is needed or permitted by law
  2. We share information when there is danger to life or property that can be avoided or minimized by sharing information
  3. With your consent we will share information with others to supply you with products, services and benefits
  4. Momentum uses telephone, mail and email lists to let you know about initiatives that may be of interest to you

Read the Privacy Policy (PDF)

What information do we collect from web users?

To improve our website experience for potential participants, we use Hotjar. This service tells us how you are using our site, and helps us make informed changes to make getting the information you want easier. To learn more about how Hotjar works, click the icon below.Hotjar - Unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites

Feedback and Complaint Policy and Procedure

The intent of the Feedback and Complaint Policy is to demonstrate Momentum’s commitment to its participants, volunteers and visitors by providing the steps to be taken in the event a complaint is made about a staff member, volunteer or the organization by a member of the public.

Staff members use the process outlined in the Problem Resolution policy to resolve issues or incidents.

If an issue relates to illegal, fraudulent, or abusive actions within Momentum, the Whistleblower policy and procedure should be used by both the general public and Momentum staff members.

Read the Feedback and Complaint Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Give feedback or make a complaint

Whistleblower Policy

The following policy provides internal and external Momentum stakeholders with a mechanism for reporting concerns relating to illegal, fraudulent, or abusive actions at Momentum, without fear of reprisals or consequences.

This policy applies to all current and former directors, staff members, contractors, subcontractors, agents, volunteers, vendors, donors, partners of Momentum or members of the general public.

To resolve issues that do not involve illegal, fraudulent or abusive actions at Momentum, external stakeholders can use the Feedback and Complaints Policy and Procedure. Momentum staff should follow the internal Problem Resolution policy for issues outside the scope of this Whistleblower policy.

Read the Whistleblower Policy (PDF)

Report a Whistleblower Violation