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An Overlooked Need

A need is an item or concept that is essential to our survival. Some basic needs we should all have access to include: a safe place to live, food and water, clothing, education and healthcare.
As basic as these needs are, they cannot be met without access to financial services. In Canada, everyone has the right to access financial services by law, but it can be confusing and difficult to choose which financial services provider to use. Because of this, some people end up using finance companies, such as Money Mart or InstaLoan, which can be extremely expensive.
Given that everyone has the right to access financial services, no one should have to pay high fees or interest just to cash a cheque or to borrow money.
Thankfully, here in Calgary, we have banks and credit unions that are making changes and improving services in order to make financial services more accessible for everyone.
To learn more about accessing mainstream financial services at a bank or credit union visit http://www.bankingforall.ca/.
If you were to switch from using high-cost finance companies to a bank or credit union, what would you use the savings for? Responses can be posted in the comments.

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