Financial Coaching at Momentum

Do you need support with: Tracking your spending? Creating a budget? Saving for a specific goal? Creating a debt management plan? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to sign up for Financial Coaching at Momentum. Our free Financial Coaching program offers up to five one-on-one coaching sessions. Financial Coaching can help you increase your confidence in managing your money… Read more

Connect More Vulnerable Canadians to Benefits!

On February 27th, Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill Morneau presented the 2018 Federal Budget. The budget is working towards connecting more vulnerable Canadians to Benefits by improving access and expanding programs. Some items that were highlighted are: o   Working Income Tax Benefit: increase benefit amount and accessibility o   Canada Child Benefit: increase benefit amount and accessibility o   Canada Learning Bond: Federal and Ontario government are… Read more

Calgarians risk losing out on thousands in benefits by not filing their taxes

For families living on low incomes, tax filing offers access to tax credits, grants, bonds and subsidies that can ease their financial strains—for example, a family of four with an income of $31,000 could be eligible for up to $16,000 in benefits. Many people living on low incomes mistakenly believe that because they don’t owe taxes back, they don’t need to file. Others face barriers… Read more

Building Financial Resilience for People with Mental Health or Addiction Challenges

Perhaps you’ve heard that money concerns are one of the top sources of stress for most people. In my experience, that’s certainly true. Money problems may in fact be the number-one source of stress for most people. That being said, money problems aren’t the only problems people face. Imagine that, on top of money problems, you are also dealing with depression or other mental health… Read more