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Growing your Assets

Amber Cannon is a Momentum volunteer and participant. Here she shares what she discovered about her assets.

In my second class of Savings Circles at Momentum we looked at assets.
What is an asset?
Assets are typically looked at as having ownership of something worth value. Typically a car, a home, a farm.
Here we looked at it in multiple levels. Finances, connections, sense of self, basic needs and services, and skills and knowledge.
We discussed where we wanted our lives to be two years from now. Where did we want to live, what kind of work did we want to do, what did you want your social life to look like, what goals did you want to achieve, what are your passions?
My goal on the Skills and Knowledge sector was wanting to learn American Sign Language, and setting up S.M.A.R.T goals to get started on that.
The acronym S.M.A.R.T being, is it:

  •     Specific
  •     Measurable
  •     Attainable
  •     Relevant
  •     Timely

The next was my sense of self. What qualities did I want to have, what was unique about me.
I am:

  •     Friendly
  •     Funny
  •     Ambitious
  •     Honest
  •     Resilient

What are my connections with other people? Do I have a close circle of friends and relationships that help me achieve my goals? Are there organizations or communities that I can be a part of that will help me do that?
Next we looked at Basic Needs and Services. Do I have housing, reliable transportation, access to information I might need to help me make decisions, etc.
My Basic Needs and Services were:

  •     Chronic pain centre
  •     Shelter
  •     Transit
  •     Employment
  •     Library
  •     Community Resource Centre

The next was finances. Do I have an income? If so, where from? So I listed them and came up with some surprising items that I never would have put on my list before. I found:

  •     Employment
  •     Alberta Works
  •     Tax Free Savings Account
  •     Piggy Bank (spare change)
  •     Gift cards
  •     Pop bottles

Then I looked at the challenges part of my life. What do I need to work on now to start achieving what I want my goal to be in two years?
These were huge skills to work on, and a very important one to look at in this program.

For more of Amber’s experience living in poverty in one of Canada’s wealthiest cities, check out her blog: https://simplecalgarian.blogspot.ca/
To learn about your own assets, join us for free Money Management workshops on Monday evenings or Tuesday afternoons. View the upcoming schedule and register online.

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