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Finding the passion to start a business

After suffering from a back injury and from PTSD, Tina was unable to work. With her savings running low, she was getting worried about providing support for herself and her family. Hoping to take control of her finances, she enrolled in a Momentum matched savings program. Little did she know this would reignite her passion for her old career in financial coaching. With support from Momentum, Tina was able to rediscover her passion and turn that into a business, finding a new employment path to pursue, while helping others.

Tina was a financial consultant for a number of years before she suffered her injury. She worked part-time selling financial products. She enjoyed teaching clients how to save money, which wasn’t a lucrative aspect of the job. She made a commission when she sold insurance or investment products, but found her heart was really in teaching people to change their relationship with money.

After stumbling upon Momentum, she registered for a Money Management course to refresh her financial knowledge. She heard about the matched savings programs, programs where you save your own money, and Momentum matches the money saved.

Tina was soon registered for a matched savings program run entirely online and this was a good fit for her as her injury made it difficult to attend classes on location. She also enjoys being able to meet everyone in her class and feels connected to them.

“When you’re sitting in a class, you really get to know the person next to you and maybe one other person, and that’s it. But when you’re online, everyone is in front of you, everyone’s talking, you can hear everyone. You get to hear real stories,” Tina says.

Tina had a savings habit before her classes at Momentum, but it’s the concept of consistency that Momentum was able to instill in her.

After her positive experience in her program, she saw an opportunity to continue her journey with Momentum and enrolled in the Self Employment program at Momentum and is loving it. She is running a financial coaching and bookkeeping services company. She takes a holistic view of finances and finds joy in helping others and teaching them the psychology of money.

Tina has found her stride with her business through the program.

“I tried to run a business for myself in the past, or by myself in the past. And always hit this wall, and we shut down. With the Self Employment program, that didn’t happen. I’m way ahead now than I would have ever been.”

The business coaching aspect of the program has had a really big impact on Tina.

“Momentum doesn’t just address the technical skills of business. There is psychological support [through coaching] as well,” Tina says.

“Momentum has been like therapy to me. I think back and I was at one of the worst points in my life, and I can see the change. I don’t have a fraction of the pain that I used to have. I have stress, but it’s good stress. I am physically stronger than I used to be. I think that a lot of that has to do with Momentum.”

Do you want to learn to manage your money? Take our money management courses on demand or online as a virtual classroom. Are you ready to start your business? Momentum can support you.